Loud Mouth Young Boy

by The Kirks

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released November 4, 2016

Kent Gill - Fiddle
Dean Mathis - Pedal Steel
Dexter Mathis - Acoustic, Electric, Bass, Drums, recording and mixing
Billy Walker - Bass
Hartlee Kirk - Vocals, Background Vocals
Jordan Kirk - Vocals, Background Vocals, wrote all songs



all rights reserved


The Kirks Idalou, Texas

Back home in west Texas now, The Kirks have recently released a full length album, entitled "Loud Mouth Young Boy".
Also, they recently gave birth to their first child, a son, named Anderson Gene.

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Track Name: Half Full
There's a time for living, and I know there's a time to die. I know the days are quicker passing by.

I don't fear death like I oughta, I was baptized in the water, and sometimes late at night I feel invincible. Someday life's gonna catch me up, and when it does I'll raise my cup and say, "You gotta live like the glass is half full."

Holes in my soles, a tear in my blue jeans, and I feel like the next one will be in me. But I don't blink or slow down, I don't fold I'll hold out, you done fooled me twice and there's still no shame on me.


World's crumbling around me, this fragile life that means everything. She forgot her first love, thinks he still hanging on a tree. It's not my strength I'm afraid of, I know I can fail but my confidence comes from a short memory.


Someday life's gonna catch me up, when it does I'll raise my cup, throw it down and fill it again 'til it's all the way full, all the way full.
Track Name: Already Been
I ain't always done like I said I would. Then I met a man who did just like he said. When he died he didn't stay dead. He rose again.

And I know I'll rise up from the life I'm rotting in. I've been down to long in the trenches wasting my time in sin. I'm motivated, I've been medicated, and the time has come for me to stop hesitating, and get from the place back to where I've already been.

I drug up once 'cause I thought I knew what it was all about. But I was drugged up long before, thinking I knew the way out. I needed somebody to tell me so, but the preacher-man had no clout.

She was a beautiful woman, but she wasn't my wife. I spent more time with one than the other, turned around, and ruined my life. I can't take it back now but I think she knows, if I could I would go on home.
Track Name: What We Call Family
I got some real good friends but they're nothing like us, when I'm barely trotting they're eating my dust, when I slow down, they don't know how.

When we used to talk, or maybe say nothing, work and play long hours, boy that was something. All the times that we had, things can't be the same again can they dad?

And some might say, that I do things 'different'. But I know what works, and that's just fine with me. There's at least a few who know, they're the same kinda different as me. That's what we call family.

Well I hope I never get above my raising, couldn't have done it any better, and it's amazing, that someday soon, I'll pass it on down too. When they start talking but they can't say nothing, everything they do is a polaroid something, all the times we're fixing to have, now that I'm gonna be a dad.

And some might say we do things 'different'. But we know what works, and that's just fine with me. There's at least a few who know, they're the same kinda different as you and me. That's what we call family.

I got some real good friends but they're nothing like us, when I'm barely trotting they're eating my dust, when I slow down, they don't know how.
Track Name: Matter of Time
She hung his clothes up near where they lay their head. She hung her head around town, speaking up would make the rumors true, she could just deny 'em instead. She carried a heavy burden, cause he had a heavy hand. She never thought "til death do us part" would be a good alternative.

Cause it's a matter of time, it's a matter of a fight. Anymore, there's no fight in folks for what they feel inside. It's a sign of the times, we gave up our souls and signed on the dotted line. If we don't speak up now, it's just a matter of time.

She found herself standing at his dresser drawer. She'd seen it there a thousand times and wouldn't cover it with clothes no more. The mornin' shiner would let the town call it self-defense. If no one else would save her she'd stand up, and claim what was no longer his
Repeat Chorus

He took away her freedom, and returned only pain. People would often see 'em, and do nothing but curse his name. He beat her for the last time, forced her to love him no more. She pumped him full of lead, and walked out that house front door.
Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Loud Mouth Young Boy
I said I'd never break, my will would never bend, and you couldn't put me in a cage.
The years wore on, I found every seed I'd sown, and most of them didn't take.

That loud mouth young boy, said I wasn't ever gonna change, but it's easier to be rubbed off on than to go against the grain. If I could look inside myself, like a mirror to my face, my features I do recollect, but nothing else is the same.

Perhaps I oughta change, let the ebb and tide take me away, get in line and let the world decide my fate. But every man, gets to a crossroad, and who says you can't turn around and go home? Turn around, and go home.
Repeat Chorus

That loud mouth young boy said that I would never change. Well it's about time I followed through, no matter what people say, I don't care what people say.
Track Name: Getting Older
I refuse to accept I'm getting older, but that gets a little harder every day. I can't throw a ball without feeling it in my shoulder, my bodies slowing down and I don't have a say.

Bud lays there in that nursing home bed. It was just last year that he was out cutting hay. His wife of 58 years has gone on before him, and he'll follow where she led the way.

I refuse to accept I'm getting older, though I see it all around me. Like a wandering confederate soldier, I just can't admit defeat.

My father has always been the man who could do anything, but in him I see the pain of age. Him and mom will always be my heroes, but just like they taught me, I know they'll see amazing grace.

The most beautiful woman I have ever known, now goes by my last name. She'll keep me young as we grow old together. If there was ever any doubt, she's why Jesus came, and why I

Refuse to accept I'm getting older, cause I just don't want to act my age. We'll never grow old, we'll just slow down, 'til our maker comes and we turn the final page.

And I refuse to accept I'm getting older, but this morning on my head I found some gray. And I don't want to live to wear out my shoulders, cause I want to wrap my arms around her every day.
Track Name: Only Who Holds It Can Say
There's no in-between, no area that's gray, sometimes I don't know what's real. I walk a line between sinners and saints, cause both know how I feel.

It's not what, but it's how you say, "Love is the only way." How much does a broken heart weigh? Only who holds it can say.

Pain in your heart or out on your sleeves, your eyes tell us the story. A single word could wash it all away. Speak up or I'd rather you ignore me.


Wishy-washy will be washed away, if it ain't made out of steel. Green on the vine or dead in the grave, just blink and there's no roll in the wheel.

Track Name: Shake Hands
And I'll bear with my brother, and we'll struggle and rise up if we can. To take the life of another, God and the devil don't have to shake hands.

Folks used to burn the cross out in the front yard. Fear in the eyes of both sides, cause fire meant more than scars. To quiet a man outside the law, string him up from a tall enough tree. Freedom wasn't supposed to look like this, but nobody asked me.


Mama integrated when she was in first grade. For a little west Texas town, there sure was a lot to say. With love in her eyes she was color blind, and is to this day. She says don't judge a man by his skin, but his heart and the love in his face.


Now-a-days folks burn the flag, just because they can. But you won't catch me taking part, cause I'm proud to be an American.

Track Name: Makes Sense to You
This pounding in my head, all the work I said I'd do. I'm running out of time, my bodies done before the day is through.

Should've called in sick, but it's too late now. My loyalty to the man may not make any know-how. But making and living honestly is what I'm bound to do. I was raised this way and I don't care if it makes sense to you.

Where I grew up, we were mercy to the rain. The sun, the clouds, the wind blown dust - you just worked hard and prayed. I didn't know then, like the crops it was ingrained. I found out what I do now takes me back home every day. I reckon you try a little hard work, you might say the same.

Nah there ain't no quit in me. Call it pride but I ain't gonna fall I'm a walking sight to see. If nothing goes to plan, that's just another day to be. You may not understand but it makes sense to me.
Track Name: Fallin' Ain't Flyin'
"Fallin' ain't flyin'," that's what my cousin said. I said, "You'll never know better, if you wait 'til you're dead. Me and my brother stepped up to the ledge, then we all went over, and before I hit the water...

I'll fly, for a moment. I'll jump off, thought I might die. I'd rather live, and die, than never spread my wings and fly.

Miss Hartlee was a young girl, back when we met, I didn't want to take a chance and 'get my heart broke' again. "Come with me forever," I whispered and took her hand. I couldn't keep it together, but I went for it and said...

Repeat Chorus

In the bottom of that lifeboat, waves crashing all around, I was fixing to lose it as the crane boom lowered down. When we dropped that shackle, with the pin in our hands, I didn't think that we'd make it, but we came through as friends. When the hull left the water, I heard my old song again. I whispered to myself, "Thanks God, for playing it again."

Repeat Chorus 2x